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  • Address :Zabeel Hall - 6, Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Date & Time : 21 - 22 May 2025, 10:00AM - 6:00PM








who we are
Crypto Expo Dubai is organized by Hqmena. Witness the largest Crypto Expo in Dubai with top-notch investors and leaders in the cryptocurrency industry to network and discover new business possibilities. Don't pass up the chance to network with the best cryptocurrency businesses for trading and investing. Learn about the cryptocurrency industry, Altcoins, Blockchain, and Consensus. We are highly proficient in organizing a B2C event by providing the cryptocurrency industry with supreme quality educational resources and networking possibilities.

Showcasing to thousands of traders and investors, leading cryptocurrency brands unveil their premier digital currency products and services at the forefront.


Leading industry experts deliver valuable insights and the latest updates on cryptocurrencies to traders, investors, and businesses, enriching their understanding and knowledge.


A brief overview of the outstanding cryptocurrencies honoured with awards during the ceremony.

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Alex Tsepaev

Chief Strategy Officer


Alex Tsepaev is the Chief Strategy Officer of the B2Broker group of Companies. He has wide experience in the Financial markets, including investment, banking, insurance, brokerage, and regulatory work. Alex Holds PhD title in law and has research experience in financial markets. He works at B2Broker headquarters in Dubai.

Myriam Ben Sayeh

Director Product Management


With 12 years of experience as a strategy consultant, I have a strong track record advising Government entities in the design and implementation of their strategies and public policies with a focus on digital strategies, sectoral strategies, investment, competitiveness, foreign trade, smart cities and territorial development.

During the last years I have developed a strong expertise in Government digital services and enablers, leading the design and implementation of the Blockchain strategy and policy in UAE and the deployment of Blockchain use cases in the areas of digital identity, digital signature, digital documents and digital skills.

In 2023, I joined Mastercard as the Crypto Risk & Innovation leader for Middle East, Eastern Europ and Africa, responsible for the design and execution of Mastercard Crypo Risk & Innovation strategy in this region.

Ornella Hernandez

Host & Web3 Journalist


Ornella is a Dubai-based blockchain technology journalist, currently a presenter for Web3TV. She has reported for Blockworks and Cointelegraph publications, and has produced for TV outlets such as CNBC and Telemundo. With additional experience in corporate communications, Ornella is also a public relations and media specialist. She speaks English, Spanish and French.

Yassine Maaroufi

Head of Public Relations

Your Mind Media

Head of Public Relations at Your Mind Media with a career in the financial industry.

Diana Stetiu

Attorney at Law

Managing Partner

Diana Stetiu is one of the best-known blockchain lawyers in Europe, activating in crypto space since 2017, known for her extensive experience in, and deep knowledge of, blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency matters, including initial digital token offerings.

Jamie Divine



Jamie Divine started out from humble beginnings in Canada going door to door for 10 years to create his first million

He then became a global entrepreneur doing business in several countries and became a pioneer in forex and crypto trading technologies

DIVINFI is his brainchild to be a decentralized banking platform for financial freedom

Ali Taqi Al Lawati

Business development

BST Group

MBA graduate from Bedfordshire University (UK), and holds a BSc Finance degree from Majan College (Oman). Prior to joining Muscat Finance, Mr Ali Taqi had 10 years of banking experience within the Compliance department of Oman Arab, Bank Dhofar and Gulf Baader Capital Markets (Oman). Further to his qualifications, Mr Ali Taqi holds professional certificates in Anti-Money Laundering and Corporate Governance from multiple international institutions.

Mirzad Makhdoom

Founder and CEO

Tribe Academy Pvt

Mirzad Makhdoom, a crypto trader, investor, and content creator and a web3 Branding Specialist with 4 years of experience in cryptocurrencies and Web3. With over 120,000 social media followers in India, I’ve collaborated with 50+ Web3 projects and educated 35,000+ students on crypto and blockchain. Founder of Kerala’s first Web3 school.

Zak Taher


Zak is a dynamic and visionary leader with over a decade of experience in the financial industry, and a passion for technology and blockchain. Currently serving as the Chief Operations Officer of MultiBank io, the crypto currency arm of the esteemed Multibank Group, and is also the founder of the MultiBank blockchain ecosystem. With a talent for strategic thinking and innovation, Zak has enabled the group to stay ahead of the competition. With their extensive industry experience, they constantly strive to improve the group’s systems, ensuring that Multibank Group maintains its position as a market leader in the financial industry. Their dedication to innovation and technology is unmatched, and their ability to implement cutting-edge solutions is a true asset to the organization. As a natural leader, Zak has demonstrated exceptional team management and communication skills, motivating their team to produce top-quality work. Their dedication to innovation and technology have placed them at the forefront of the financial industry, and they are poised to make a significant impact on the industry in the years to come, as they continue to push the boundaries of traditional finance and explore the vast potential of emerging technologies.

Max Lighter

General manager MENA&CIS

Max Lighter today is General Manager Exchange MENA&CIS and work in Internet and technology business for a long time. Investment banking and top-level finance and management experience for more than 20 years help it that. Advisor. Mentor. Speaker.
He funded, managed and consulted 50+ projects in different areas focused on M&A, development, fundraising and problem solving in traditional and crypto industry. Managed a family office of Forbes Billionaire list person for more than 12 years. Cryptoenthusiast since 2017.
He holds a Master degree in Theoretical Mathematics and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in corporate finance and participated in numerous courses as a life-long learning process.

John Kim



Born in Korea, migrate Australia, working in Dubai now.

Billel Boudouma

CEO Icosium AI & Robotics

Invest Club Global

CEO of Icosium AI and robotics, The first tokenized robotics assets a deep tech startup specialized in micro automation

Yax Sheth



Yax Sheth is CEO of ChainClave (Web3, Blockchain Development company).ChainClave has Client base in 22+ countries and have team of 40+ people. Chainclave has offices in India, Australia and UAE.

I have diverse industry experience of Blockchain and Web3. I have delivered 100+ Web3 session in Univercities and 10+ Event talks.

I have won couple of Awards like:
– Youngest CEO of the year
– Top 30 Entreprnuer under 30
– Blockchain Development company of the year

Larry Lundy

Senior Board Member

Hash AI

Mr. Lundy has been involved in the security end of defi since lightcoin times. An early proponent of bitcoin and blockchain, he strives for an immutable future. A product of the masters of applied intelligence program from Georgetown University, with a focus on zero day events,Mr. Lundy has become a trusted advisor within the realm of strategic planning and surface security as well for the likes of international governments, practical compliance, mining and many other like focuses. With a career in both education and civil service within the realms of law and business development he continues to build and grow daily. A published author and continuing academic he continues to strive for the dream of a transparent and immutable future.

Sasha Ivanov


Units Network

Sasha Ivanov, a blockchain pioneer, founded Waves in 2016. In 2024, he launched Units.Network, connecting blockchain networks for collaboration. Sasha’s speaking topics include DeFi innovations and blockchain efficiency.

Peter Peng

Founder & CEO

GPT Protocol

Peter Peng is the visionary Founder and CEO of GPT Protocol, a censorship-resistant AI network. He patented AGI for commerce in 2017 and previously led Jetson AI, which raised $3.2 million pre-seed and partnered with major companies like Amazon and Shopify. Peng is now a prominent figure at the intersection of AI + Blockchain.

Nathan Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Chart AI

Nathan is a seasoned business leader with 25 years of expertise in sales and leadership. His extensive background includes proficiency in strategic marketing, sales processes, team building, and organizational development. Over the past nine years, he has demonstrated remarkable success in trading stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Anton Patrynika



Founder of Haust. Currently founder and CEO of Haust Network

Alnura Belyalova

Director of PR

Luna PR

Alnura Belyalova is a distinguished PR & Marketing professional with over 7 years of invaluable international experience. Known for her dynamic leadership and strategic mindset, Alnura currently oversees all PR and Communications activities for high-profile clients at Luna PR, including government entities like RAK DAO and industry giants like Wemade, CertiK, Bitwave, and many others.
With a passion for forging powerful connections, Alnura has cultivated strong relationships with top media executives at renowned outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg, WIRED, and leading blockchain publications including CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and Blockworks, among others. Her ability to navigate the media landscape with finesse and precision has earned her recognition as a sought-after expert in her field.

Prior to her role at Luna PR, Alnura made her mark in other industries, including FMCG and Academic Research, collaborating with prestigious global entities like L’Oreal Group and Bayes Business School, respectively. Driven by an unwavering enthusiasm for Web3 technology, she ventured into the dynamic world of blockchain, a transition that seamlessly allowed her to leverage her vast expertise in PR & Communications.
An engaging and knowledgeable speaker, Alnura’s passion for the blockchain space shines through as she shares her insights, experiences, and predictions with audiences worldwide. Whether discussing the latest trends in PR, navigating the complexities of the blockchain industry, or sharing tips on building enduring media relationships, Alnura’s expertise captivates and inspires.

Pratik Gauri



“Pratik Gauri is the founder & CEO of, one of the world’s fastest growing unicorns that achieved the coveted billion dollar valuation less than one year from the day it was founded. He conceptualised the term 5th industrial revolution as a founding principle for shaping a for-purpose world that combines sustainability, innovation and business viability. According to him Most of the world’s complex problems can be solved if we create traffic on the bridge between key performance indicators and social impact.

Pratik’s genius was thinking through how a new kind of blockchain ecosystem would propel a revolution across industries and impact the lives of over a billion humans. The 5ire ecosystem is being built by a solid team of engineers and scientists and will include a layer 1 blockchain, 5ire exchange, NFT/Metaverse marketplace, 5ire Wallet, and 5ire Capital (a venture capital fund).

Pratik embarked upon this audacious mission with a sense of adventure and possibility. He built an iconic founding team, struck partnerships with world class visionaries and institutions, and worked relentlessly to get things going.

Today, in addition to having a world-class product team and global community of developers; Pratik and 5ire have been recognised for their impact by organisations like the World Economic Forum, Entrepreneur Magazine, Economic Times, Forbes, NASDAQ, TED, Hurun India etc. His vision for 5ire has resonated with leading companies and governments from around the world and has led to the Goa Police, Abu Dhabi University and Muzaffarnagar Police joining as early partners of 5ire before the Testnet launch. The iconic football player and Chelsea striker, Drogba and Google Venture capital Head, Mr. Apurva Chamaria has joined his team as a business advisor.

Charles Cieters

Co-Founder/Core BIZ ADV


CratD2C Core member BIZ ADV Leading a team of account executives at CratD2C International, I provide innovative and scalable solutions based on the Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain (DASC) technology to clients across the globe.

Petr Manko

Head of IT Consulting


Peter holds the position of Head of IT Consulting at ScienceSoft. As a foremost authority in the field, he stays ahead of industry trends, particularly focusing on the integration of blockchain-enabled smart contracts for sustainable real estate transactions. His commitment to innovative, results-driven solutions is pivotal in guiding ScienceSoft’s clients towards cutting-edge developments. By leveraging advanced blockchain technologies, Peter aids clients in enhancing transaction transparency and efficiency, thereby elevating their customer experience in the real estate sector.

Mayur Shrivastav



Mr Mayur possesses a profound understanding of blockchain technology, from its core principles to its intricate intricacies. His expertise ensures that DeFiWorld NFT remains on the cutting edge of decentralized solutions.

Farooq Abdal

Founder and Managing Director

Sapphire Chain (BST Group)

“Dr. Farooq Abdal stands as a distinguished entrepreneur and visionary, holding the positions of Founder and Managing Director of BST Group of Companies. With an extensive experience surpassing five years, he has solidified his stature as a leading figure in the global blockchain and gemstone industry. Driven by an unwavering commitment to democratize financial opportunities, he has successfully pioneered the tokenization of the rare and precious Kashmir blue sapphire inventory, positioning it as a coveted commodity on stock exchanges worldwide.

Innovating at the crossroads of technology and well-being, Dr. Abdal introduced the revolutionary Bio Sapphire AMized Fusion Technology (BSAFT) and meticulously crafted the Bio-Sapphire Bracelet, providing comprehensive protection against radiations and electromagnetic frequencies. Committed to regulatory compliance, he leads the launch of BSTC, marking a significant milestone as the world’s first fully decentralized security token backed by the largest collection of Kashmir blue sapphires. Supported by the Native Token of the cutting-edge RWA Tokenization Blockchain, BST CHAIN, this venture signifies a groundbreaking leap in the realm of digital assets.

Dr. Abdal’s mission transcends business, as he envisions securing the future distribution of Kashmir blue sapphires and contributing to smart city projects on a global scale. Prioritizing the generation of substantial employment and championing the Sapphire Wealth Project, he strives to ensure the widespread distribution of this natural treasure. His dedication to innovation is further exemplified through the E-Sapphire Mining platform, facilitating intelligent digital mining of sapphires.

At the helm of the BST Group, Dr. Abdal has strategically positioned it as a trailblazing wealth management platform. Integrating ring-fencing strategies for institutional investors and Ibanized personal accounts for individuals, he underscores his commitment to innovation through flagship projects like Blue Sapphire of Kashmir and E-Sapphire (BST). The group also proudly stands as the founder of the Credible Digital Asset and Social Map Monetizing system.

A luminary in the realm of cryptocurrency, Dr. Abdal introduced BST as one of the pioneering cryptocurrencies in 2019, headquartered in Dubai. Under his leadership, BST aims to reshape the global economic landscape into one that is vibrant, secure, and prosperous. His visionary approach aligns with fostering wealth circulation and effectively addressing the limitations of conventional financial systems. For further information, reach out to or visit the official website at”

Adel Bhurtun

Founder & CEO

Traders Brawl

“””Adel Bhurtun is a professional emcee host, community builder and entrepreneur. Adel founded his company Traders Brawl in 2022, a full-service Web3 marketing agency targetted at the Gen Z demographic, specializing in social media content & community building strategies for Web3, FinTech, and blockchain startups.
Leveraging his extensive experience within the cryptoasset industry, Adel guides startups towards success. Previously, he held a vital role at the Financial Conduct Authority (the FCA), the UK’s financial regulator. In this capacity, Adel served as a cryptoasset licensing specialist, responsible for evaluating and approving applications for crypto asset-related services such as exchanges and custodial solutions.
Adel’s passion for the crypto space extends beyond regulation. He actively participates as an investor, exploring the value proposition of various asset classes, including utility-based NFT collections, altcoins, gold, and Bitcoin.”””

Paul “The Profit” Dawalibi

Holodeck Ventures


Paul “The Profit” Dawalibi is a technology entrepreneur, investor, futurist and gamer, with over 20 years of venture capital and startup experience. He is currently the CEO of Holodeck – the leading global media and technology company focused exclusively on gaming, metaverse, esports and web3. His ability to communicate the business opportunity around gaming and metaverse has made him the largest gaming influencer and expert in the MENA region. Paul is the host and creator of Game Changers – a groundbreaking gaming and metaverse business show on CNBC Arabia reaching 50M homes in the Middle East. As “The Profit”, Paul previously hosted the largest gaming industry show in the world – the Business of Esports. “The Profit” is a frequently requested speaker at metaverse and gaming conferences all around the world. He consults family offices, governments, venture funds, and global companies on the gaming and metaverse opportunity. Paul is also the creator of the world’s 1st esports NFT and founder of the 2020 fastest growing company in Canada. His core belief is that gaming is the future of fun™.

Evdokia Pitsillidou

Partner | Risk & Compliance Director


Evdokia, a partner at SALVUS Funds, is actively advising and working on all matters related to licensing, regulatory compliance and internal audits for Investment Firms, Crypto Providers (CASP), Investment Funds and Payment Institutions.

Pranay Sharma

Business Development Manager


Pranay Sharma, a dynamic Business Development Manager at EXOLO, leverages over five years of experience in centralized exchanges and the cryptocurrency landscape. He excels in forging partnerships, expanding user bases, and driving revenue growth. His expertise lies in facilitating company expansion and market entry strategies, particularly in cryptocurrency domains.

Muhammad Naeem Aslam



Naeem Aslam is a prominent figure in the finance and investment industry, known for his extensive experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and deep expertise in various domains of finance. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Naeem has successfully launched startups and owns a private equity fund focused on commercial real estate. With a career spanning over 15 years, Naeem has established himself as a respected voice in the world of finance. He has also served as an ex-Hedge Fund Trader at Bank of New York, showcasing his hands-on experience in managing investments and trading strategies. As a regular guest at Fox Business and Bloomberg, Naeem shares his insights and analysis on the latest financial trends, market developments, and investment strategies. He is known for his sharp analytical skills and ability to provide expert commentary on a wide range of topics, including blockchain technologies, fintech, traditional assets, macroeconomics, central bank policies, and artificial intelligence. In addition to his media appearances, Naeem is a recognized columnist at NASDAQ (US), where he shares his in-depth knowledge and opinions on various financial subjects. He has also previously worked for Forbes (US) for over 5 years, where he contributed valuable insights to the finance community through his writing. Naeem’s expertise and knowledge are not limited to media and writing. He is also a sought-after guest lecturer at prestigious institutions such as the London School of Economics and the University of Warwick’s Business School, where he imparts his wisdom and experiences to aspiring finance professionals.

Belal Jassoma

Director - Ecosystems


Belal Jassoma is the Director of Ecosystems at DMCC, the world’s leading business hub and an international centre for trade, commerce and innovation. DMCC is now home to over 24,000 businesses and was named Global Free Zone of the Year by the Financial Times’ fDi Magazine for 9 consecutive years.

Belal has been instrumental in expanding the Free Zone offering, introducing new products and services, member engagement programs, and developing key strategic relationships and ecosystems which resulted in both business growth and member retention. As part of his current responsibilities as Director – Ecosystems, Belal leads several key verticals for DMCC including Crypto, Gaming, AI, Energy and Financial Services as well as the partnerships and product development functions.

Belal holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the American University of Sharjah and brings over 18 years of experience in real estate, investment, and government administration.

Arthur Azizov



Arthur Azizov is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of B2Broker, a leading liquidity and technology provider. He has more than a decade of experience in the FinTech industry. Under his leadership, B2Broker has become a global company with more than five hundred institutional clients, cutting-edge technology solutions, ten offices worldwide, and seven licenses from reputable jurisdictions. Arthur is highly knowledgeable in finance and IT, which, combined with his vast experience, has made him a well-known figure in the industry.

Jehanzeb Awan

Founder and Chairman

Crypto and Blockchain Association

Jehanzeb is the founder and CEO of J. Awan & Partners, an international governance risk and compliance consulting firm and is also the founder and CEO of azakaw, a global RegTech company. He is also the chairman of the Middle East Africa and Asia Crypto and Blockchain Association.
Jehanzeb is also the Chief Client Officer responsible for managing key regulatory and client relationships for both firms.
Prior to establishing J. Awan & Partners and azakaw, he was the regional head of compliance for Morgan Stanley’s business in the MENA region. Prior to that Jehanzeb was the head of compliance for the National Bank of Dubai (now Emirates NBD). Jehanzeb started his career with Hornblower & Weeks in New York and subsequently worked with Raymond James & Associates in Philadelphia.
Jehanzeb graduated with a BSC and received a Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Yu Jianing

Founder and President of Uweb

University of Web3

Dr. Yu Jianing, a well-known digital economist, authoritative blockchain, metaverse and Web 3.0 expert. He holds many positions, including the Founder and President of Uweb(University of Web3), the Executive Director of China Mobile Communications Association Metaverse Industry Committee, Co-chair of the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Specialized Committee and Hong Kong Blockchain Association Honorary Chairman. His book “The rise of Metaverse” has been translated into seven languages and sold worldwide.

Pekka Kelkka

Founder, web3 advisor and educator

Papa Blockchain

As a web3 educator and advisor for projects and individuals from all-over the world my humble goal is to explain the enormous opportunities web3, blockchain, and cryptos bring to the entire society.

Reece Merrick

Managing Director, Middle East & Africa


Reece is Senior Director of Global Strategic Partners at Ripple where he leads relationships with key financial institutions & crypto partners adopting blockchain-based payments and crypto liquidity solutions to enable cross-border payments. Prior to Ripple, Reece spent 10+ years working within the fintech and payments space, focusing on FX risk management and building out cross-border payment solutions for large FIs & corporations.

Mr. KEY (Karnika E. Yashwant)


KEY Difference

Mr. KEY (Karnika E. Yashwant) is a parallel entrepreneur building and supporting the next billion dollar start-ups. Founder of KEY Difference (Accelerator & VC) and Co-founder of Forward Protocol, he has been in the blockchain space since 2013. He focuses on building fundamentally strong businesses and moving web2 value to web3. He continues to hold many strategic positions, and is a sought after speaker and advisor in the crypto sphere. He is based in Dubai.

Rudy Shoushany

CEO and Founder


Award Winning, Founder of CryptoTalks & DxTalks The Digital Leaders Platform | BCCManagement Consultancy | Forbes Technology Council | International Keynote Speaker | Mentor | Advisor | Specialized in consulting on Digital Transformation Strategies, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Governance, and Blockchain.

Serena Sebastiani

Director - Financial Services Advisory - Virtual Assets Consulting Lead

PwC Middle East

Passionate Management Consulting professional with 13 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. Focused on Fintech, Virtual Assets and the future of Finance. Learning on metaverse. Involved in fintech acceleration programs as a business mentor; speaker in industry events; supporting the Virtual Assets ecosystem and contributing to the creation of an active community of players across the value chain. I work in the GCC advising Sovereign Wealth Funds, Central Banks and Regulators, Government entities and the private sector to support the transformation agenda of the Region. Harvard Law School / IOSCO certified on Global Program for Regulators of Securities Markets.

Ahmed Elmetwally

CEO | General Director

Private Office of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan

My life has been nurtured by Emirati culture and values. As proud resident of United Arab Emirates my focus is always to bring prosperity to nation in all sectors. Guidance and effort of founding father His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan has been inspiration to my life. Currently as the CEO of The Private Office of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan my aim is to bring new technologies, ventures and investment to the region in various sectors. When I started my career in 2015 as the Director of Partnerships of a prominent royal family office in the country, it helped me to honed my skills in achieving my goals. While completing my studies in Buisness Administration in New York University in Abu Dhabi, I got more interested in field of merging and acquisitions. Today its proud moment for me to work with His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, the chairman of the private office And my mentor. My role for the private office includes garnering long term strong relationships with prominent government delegates and business tycoons in the region and the world. At our private office We encourage businesses and entrepreneurs that need the support and push to scale up their operations and guide them to enter the regional market. Our entity is the strategically placed launchpad for businesses who would want to enter the MENA region. We believe in transparency, humanity and giving back to the society.

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Venue: Zabeel Hall – 6, Dubai World Trade Centre

Date: 21 – 22 May 2025

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


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