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Crypto Expo Dubai is the largest event in Asia for Investors and Crypto industry leaders to network and explore more business opportunities in the crypto space. Don't miss the opportunity to meet the right crypto companies to invest and trade. There are many promising areas for making money other than the crypto business. We are a professional exhibition Organising Company and This event is organised to provide high quality education content and networking opportunity for the Crypto Industry. This event and our company does not involve in investment or selling/buying of cryptocurrencies.

Top Crypto brands exhibit their products and services to thousands of investors and traders.


Top Industry leaders delivering meaningful insights and the latest crypto-related information to crypto traders, investors and businesses.


Witness Top Crypto companies being awarded in a prestigious Award ceremony.


Traders and Investors


Crypto Companies




Why To Attend?

Join our event as we provide the market’s leading content & updates on the Crypto that will help you explore the investment opportunities available as smartly and securely.

We are yet to learn more about how Crypto could change the world towards a new Crypto Era, as the Crypto Trend continues to stay !

Get insights on key facts that shape the crypto industry as the market continues to scale up, network with experts & investors, be updated on the latest trends in crypto and meet the top leaders of the Crypto market at our event.

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Crypto Expo Dubai

Crypto Expo Dubai

Crypto Expo Dubai

Explore Crypto Space
Creating a memorable brand image via exposure and sponsorship opportunities
Crypto Businesses
Industry pioneers live on stage at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 speaking hall
Explore Crypto Space
Creating a memorable brand image via exposure and sponsorship opportunities
Crypto Businesses
Industry pioneers live on stage at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 speaking hall
Why to Exhibit?

Interested in expanding your Crypto business to reach the maximum number of potential clients and investors from all across Dubai? Unlock all the amazing benefits by joining Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 as Exhibitor/Sponsor.

  •  Meet and engage with 8000+ Crypto traders and investors attending face-to-face
  •  Showcase your company’s products and services
  •  Help teach investors on how to invest in this exciting market
  •  Get a chance to network with professionals from Crypto industry
  •  Grab a chance to get reputed award for your company

Insights From Our Conference

What is the current Trend in Crypto Investing and Trading?
How the regulation for Crypto industry is matured?
Facts that constitute the current Cryptocurrency Trends.
What are the top Cryptocurrencies in today's market?
How Crypto payments have expanded in the everyday life?
Learn about the industries adopted to crytocurrency payments.
What are the ICO's to choose and invest?
How to launch your own ICO company?
How the Stable coins and NFT are changing in the world?
Our Speakers

Asma Jlassii

Gulf Tiger

Faisal Zaidi

CMO and Co - founder

Crypto Oasis



Angel dust labz FZCO



Mahmoud Farouk



Valentin Preobrazhenskiy

CEO and founder


Gabriel Klein

Chief Creative Officer


Rico Pang

Co-Founder & Group CEO

Co-Founder & Group CEO - Sanctum Global Ventures LP - CVVC & IVC

Rico is a serial entrepreneur, global venture builder who has over 20 years of experience in emerging markets across Supply Chain Management, Fintech & E-commerce. He co-founded Sanctum Global Ventures(SGV) together with Dunstan Teo. SGV is an incubator & accelerator that contributes towards the development of the Global Digital Economy, Web3 & Metaverse.
As an avid tech investor, Rico believes in the power of tech as a way to develop talent, reduce inequalities, and subsequently help reduce poverty.

Matt Dixon

Founder and CEO


Matt Dixon, Founder and CEO of Evai has over 30 years of experience in the financial services
sector. A former consultant to the World Bank and FCA CF30 accredited financial advisor, he has
been inspired to use his experience to bridge the worlds of traditional finance and digital asset
Before founding Evai in June 2019, Matt designed and implemented Successful Algorithmically
traded funds regulated by the FCA. The concept for the Evai.io business was formed when he
returned to education to study his MsC at the University of Brighton, where he was introduced to
Professor Andros Gregoriou.
During the course of his studies, Matt and Andros discussed the failure of financial ratings during
the 2008 economic crisis and debated ways in which the learnings could be applied to the fast
growing cryptocurrency sector. The vision was to create a world-first decentralised and unbiased
cryptoasset ratings platform driven by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.
Over the last two years, Matt and the team have evolved the Evai cryptoasset ratings concept
from an exploratory whitepaper into a fully-fledged crypto technology company that has
attracted over $5m in funding with offices established in London, Dubai and Singapore.

Aziz Amer

Chief Business Development Officer


CBDO at wonderful and very promising project at GetBlock. Within a year, I witnessed a considerable growth of a company from a startup to highly ranked company.

My main goal is to help dApps get into the market faster with the most effective tools via communication. I am huge fan of Web3, and love doing memes in crypto. 😉

Nikolay Skornyakov

General Manager

Paykiken MetaSpace

Nikolay is the General Manager and one of founders of DAO Paykiken MetaSpace

Ahmed Elshimy


Ahmed is one of Dubai’s most trusted and award-winning real estate brokers. Having closed $130,000,000 in sales to date over the past seven years, his name is recognized amongst the elite in the business. With knowledge and passion for Crypto, Ahmed brings together the digital currency world to life through real estate.

Carlo Di Clemente


Grove Token

Business leader with over 30 years experience in retail operations, national product development, marketing, and large format Retail Franchise Director. Passionate about people and creating outstanding Customer Experiences organically leading to outstanding business success.

Kasra Taghavi

Board Member

Sky digitech

Kiyan Taghavi

Board Member

Sky digitech

Immanuel Timur


Calvin Ng


Candy Club

Alberto Mera

Lead Designer

Gym street

Kareena Das

XNX Finance

Renat Khasanov



Renat Khasanov, the game producer and founder of the gamedev studio with his team in Dubai to give a view how web2 can help web3 to grow. Apart from games, which is not surprising, his team is working on tools to make the developing of web3 games more affordable and simple for non-blockchain game enthusiasts.

Areeb Ahmad

Global Head of Blockchain and Strategy

Epillo Health Systems

Mr. Areeb Ahmad is the Company’s Global Head of Blockchain and Strategy. He is a former corporate and information technology lawyer, having strategized for various global start-ups such as Twitter, Ola, Meesho, Flipkart, etc., in the past. Possessing the exceptional sea of wisdom in the cross-bored information technology spectrum, he is a blockchain technology enthusiast, assisting Web 3.0 companies in developing their ventures. Along with this, Mr. Ahmad, as a part of his avocation, advises companies in the ESG spectrum and is a mentor-cum-infopreneur.




Kumar is the Founder & CEO of Cashaa, a UK-based neo-bank banking crypto businesses.

Kumar started his career as an engineer by building navigation systems for Ferrari. In recognition of his pioneering work on blockchain technology, he was awarded extraordinary (O-1) status by the United States government. He was also nominated among the ‘World’s Top 50 Innovators from the industries of the future in the UK in 2017.

As a thought leader in the Fintech space, he has been an advisor and speaker at numerous global forums, including Money 2020, TechCrunch Disrupt, the European Parliament and Ivy League universities. In 2021, Kumar got settled in Dubai, where he was awarded as the Best Crypto Entrepreneur in UAE by H.E Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.

Firoz Multani


BlockAura Foundation

Firoz has a vast experienced in finance indutry and been involved in blockchain since 7 years where his vision is build a blockchain ecosystem through BlockAura which will be future proof to create adaption across all sectors.

Hina Bhojwani

Operations & HR

Panaroma Finance

Hina Bhojwani is the Operations and HR Associate at Panaroma Finance, UAB. She has been supporting her team in achieving strategic and operational goals and building an ecosystem which will re-invent the way investment is done in crypto.

Anna Terenina

Business Development Associate

Panaroma Finance

Anna Terenina is the Business Development Executive at Panaroma Finance, UAB. She is been an active community builder in the crypto/blockchain ecosystem in Middle East and Asia. She is driven to be a crypto evangelist to spread the message that crypto and blockchain based solutions are going to revolutionize the internet, information and money.

Nitin Jagtiani

Founder & Director

Panaroma Finance

Nitin Jagtiani is the Founder & Director for Panaroma Finance, UAB. With over 12 years of experience in finance and building software in blockchain. The vision with which Panaroma Finance is build is to re-invent the crypto offering with a unbeatable & transparent pricing through discounted trading.

Devan Wonders

Founder & Co - CEO

Angel dust

Diana Moskatova

Business Development manager

Bigh Bull

Ms. Moskatova is a self-motivated and success-driven business development manager with exceptional planning and implementation capabilities. Having 18+ years of experience in sales and business development, she is highly trained in setting goals and developing plans for business and revenue growth as well as researching, planning, and implementing new target market initiatives. Adept at cultivating, managing, and leveraging client relationships.

Ivan Navodniy

Chief Product Office


Ivan Navodniy is a Chief Product Officer at B2Broker, graduated from American University in Bulgaria, majoring in Business Administration and Information Systems. With 6 years of IT product management experience, Ivan has been a part of the company since the very beginning and has an outstanding knowledge about building a cutting-edge products in the fintech industry, leading into launches of such products as B2Core, MarksMan.

Steven Moran

Executive Trustee

TOAX - Token Of Appreciation Exchange & NFT Marketplace

Steven has been an entrepreneur for over 50 years and has been
consulting on blockchain projects since 2016.





Shantnu Saxena

CEO Encryptus


Shantnu Saxena has more than 15 years of expertise in the Fintech and payments sectors. He entered the cryptocurrency sphere in 2016 and believes that education, transparency and compliance will help to spur more institutional adoption. He is a hodler who fervently sees blockchain technology as the future and that cryptocurrencies are the ideal use case for it.




Allen Wei is the CEO of LBank, one of the top 15 crypto exchanges according to CoinMarketCap. Before co-founding LBank in 2015, Allen was a professional IT engineer and Bitcoin enthusiast. He is one of the pioneers of the blockchain industry in China and has many years of experience in crypto and blockchain development. After reading Satoshi’s whitepaper, he decided to start LBank in hopes of helping cryptocurrencies reach more corners of the world.

Markose Chenthitta

Head of Podcasts


Markose Chenthitta is the Podcast & Communications Lead for XT.com. He is also the podcast host of the XT Cast and The Cryptocosm. He is also a community builder in the crypto/blockchain ecosystem in Dubai, UAE.

He is driven to be a crypto evangelist to spread the message that crypto and blockchain based solutions are going to revolutionize the internet, information and money.

For a detailed biography, please visit https://www.markosechenthitta.com

Salvatore Castagna



“Salvatore Castagna has had wild experience in IT for more than 20 years, including in the crypto sector. Based on his previous experience in telecommunications, banking, and developing coins for more than 5 years, Salvatore is currently in the lead with IT in the Codego group and creates innovative solutions every day and rules the team as a great motivator. He never stops growing thanks to his analytical mind and ability to anticipate market needs.”

Mohammad J Shaikh

Founder & CEO

Aelince Technologies Est

Marketing | Branding | Technology. These Three Words Describe Me in The Best Way. I Am a Self-Taught Marketer with 20 Years of Experience in the field of Marketing and Technology and over 5 years of Experience in the field of Crypto. Helping Startups, IT Companies and Small Businesses to Enhance Their Business Through Technology . On A Mission to Help Small Businesses to Be a Brand.


Media manager

X metaverse pro

with more than 20 years in PR and marketing Euan has a unique expertise in media public relation.

Henri Arslanian

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Nine Blocks Capital Management


Henri Arslanian is the co-founder and managing partner of Nine Blocks Capital Management, an institutional-grade hedge fund focused exclusively on digital assets, with a market-neutral crypto fund focused on generating alpha from inefficiencies in crypto markets using relative value, arbitrage, and quantitative strategies.

Tanakorn Karode

Chief Technical Officer


He is a computer engineer with over three years of specialization in front-end and back-end development, including decentralized applications on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Near Protocol using Solidity and Rust programming languages. He and his team presented a “PSU Coin” project and got the first runner-up prize in TICTA2020.

Lekhraj KR

Chief Technical Officer

Hami Network

Co Founded Hami Network with a vision of Global crypto adoption. Developed DAPPs and DeFi Projects . Programmer since 2009.

Frank Bergman

VP Business Development


Crypto enthusiast. 14 years of marketing experience within leading global brands and advertising agencies. Strategic and creative mind behind PrimeXBT’s KOL campaigns.

Tommy Deng



Tommy Deng is the managing diretor of Beosin, a Web3 security firm in Singapore. He graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with double degrees in Finance and Computer Science. Before joining Beosin, he worked at Tencent’s global game publishing platform GameLoop and then entered GameFi platform DeGame as head of growth. Tommy acquired broad connections in gaming and blockchain industries across China and Southeast Asia. Besides, he is also a global traveler who has been to 27 countries and 5 continents.



Epillo Health Systems (Europe & India).

Mr. Aasif Shah is the Co-Founder & CEO of Epillo Health Systems (Europe & India).

A Tech-Evangelist working in the Consumer Healthcare, Blockchain Tech, Food & Nutrition & Female Health Industry, globally.

Mayank Dudeja



Oleh Pashchenko


lovely Inu Finance

Blockchain Enthusiast, Chief Solidity Developer who connects Metaverse and Real world extending life experience of a the people over the world.
Started as a fullstack developer more than 15 years ago, I’m developing and moving society to the DeFi and DEX ecosystems with equal rights, opportunities and freedom

Kaumud Pachauri


The Monk Protocol

Passionate Serial Technology Entrepreneur, Helping Build Innovation with Sustainable Vision.
Strong Advocate of Responsible DAPPS.

Piotr Skoczylas


Eterna Hybrid Exchange

Piotr Skoczylas is a serial entrepreneur from Warsaw. Piotr has been designing websites since the age of 9, and has launched several online businesses before turning his attention to the crypto space. He is CEO and Founder of Eterna Hybrid Exchange.

Arnav Bhardwaj

Senior Growth Marketing Manager


Arnav Bhardwaj started his career becoming an entrepreneur at the ripe young of 16 building a real estate tech firm building smart home technologies that are commonplace now, but back in 2015. He’s been involved in the crypto space since 2016, right before the first bull run of Bitcoin. After being heavily involved in the real estate space, he consulted several web3 projects on growth strategies. He’s worked crypto giants such as Coinswitch Kuber and currently leads growth marketing at Cointelegraph.

Sopheap Lao

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)


Sopheap Lao is a forward-thinking technologist and an award-winning Entrepreneur who seeks to leverage 25-year acumen in Finance & Technology, helping organizations of all sizes strategize, articulate and drive impactful business transformation to establish sustainable advantages in the new energy-efficient and net-zero economy.

Cihan Sasmaz



Zaher Agha

Managing Director

Direct Trading Technologies

A highly experienced Senior Director who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive developments. Strong technical and business qualifications. Proven experience in developing strategic and business plans, with strong abilities to ensure healthy growth of companies

Vincent Ghossoub


Nifty Craft

Been there, Done that: Copy to China –> Produce with China –> Copy from China. Founded the first game studio in China targeting the Middle East. On Forbes Middle East Top 100 Startups. China Europe International Business School Graduate.

Praveen Kumar Rai

Marketing Head

SBG Global

Anil Yadav


SBG Global

Dirk Hartig

Head of Trading Education

Prime XBT

Dirk Hartig is a veteran of the trading industry with 25 years of experience. He has worked in multiple trading related roles for financial institutions such as Banks, Brokers and Family Offices in Europe and Singapore. During his Family Office time a was in charge of the worldwide biggest privately traded FX option portfolio of 2.5 billion EUR. In 2019 Dirk decided to to fully concentrate on trading his own portfolio and offering educational content to others so that they do not have to make the mistakes most beginner traders make. When trading he specialises in Cryptocurrencies & Forex Options.

Ellis Wang

Chief Operating Officer

Hippo Wallet/Riverex

With over 25 years of experience in the field of digital transformation, Mr. Ellis worked for Mashreq Bank, Mckinsey, W Motors, Alibaba, Google, Asustek, Intel, and three owned Startups. He worked in various roles (CIO/CTO, CEO, Board Member) in different countries (UAE, US, China, Singapore, Taiwan), creating strategies and deploying technology roadmaps to boost business growth.

His skills in robust digital strategy and leadership on Crypto NeoBank, specialize in trading technology in the world of Crypto-Exchange, Community and NFT, Cloud AI + IoT, Metaverse eCommerce, Web 3.0 GameFi, and Urban Air Mobility.




Yamsi Bright Wisdom is a web developer and web3.0 enthusiast

Mohamed Issa

Regional Manager for the Middle East


Mohamed Issa is Chainalysis Regional Manager for the Middle East who alongside his team in Dubai are driving trust in blockchains, specializing in technology trends including FinTech, Cryptocurrency and blockchain. Before Chainalysis, Issa was Managing Oracle Middle East channel for 10 years based out of Dubai.



Nevis Investments

Joshua Nevis is the Managing Director of Nevis Investments and has been heading the company since the last 8 years. Which primarily deals in private equity investments.

Andrey Baral

Head of sales

Coin Liquidity Solutions

Alex Slocum


Game On Players Inc

Alex Slocum is a well versed Technology expert with an eye on increasing business value and enabling a digital user experience. Immersed in the IT field for over two decades, Alex bridges the gap between technology, business and Blockchain currency through automation and integration that unlocks true business value.
Alex has a keen eye for recognizing gaps in the tech space and providing solutions.
giving him a unique perspective and vision in unlocking the value from the promise of creating consumption points to strengthening his token in the Megaverse.

Alex is blazing new trails as he embarks on one of the greatest adventures of his career…Game On Players! In concert with David Reid, CEO of QuikTipz he is on a mission to revolutionize the cryptocurrency space.

Alex has brought together some of the best minds, go-getters, and gifted individuals from across the globe. People who are heart-centered and embrace change. Alex will be the first to tell you that he believes each one of us should have the opportunity to take our greatest ideas for humanity and bring them to life.
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gopfet/

Cihan Sasmaz


Meta Ruffy

Adam Brown



Adam Brown has a built up an extensive portfolio of experience that includes retail, telecommunications, marketing, and operations management. These roles saw him responsible for numerous financial protocols, securities and compliance, as well the overseeing of large teams and promotional campaigns.

Adam has since been able to transfer these skills into the DeFi space, while teaching himself new ones – such as solidity development – and made a quick name for himself as a result. A big advocate for authenticity, he is founder and chairman of the ‘Protect the Rugged’ community, designed to help educate investors on how to avoid scams, and has worked extensively with Rugseekers, who have themselves been featured both in Bloomberg and on National Geographic for their work.

Additionally, Adam has assisted the launch and promotion of over 12 highly successful projects, including a paediatric cancer charity token – helping the latter raise their market cap from $256,000 to $56,000,000 at ATH. However, DecentraBNB represents a project that Eric has helped build from the ground up, and one that he is laser focused on ensuring realises its full potential – alongside his friend and colleague Majestic Drama.

Overall, Eric’s championing of transparency and authenticity in the space, comprehensive skillset and tireless work ethic make him the perfect choice for DecentraBNB COO.

Nahum Greenberg

MarksMan Product Owner


Nahum Greenberg spearheads the development of B2Brokers’ flagship product – MarksMan Liquidity Hub, as the Product Owner since its inception as a full-scale platform. Prior to joining B2Broker, he served as a COO of a hedge fund for over five years, and even before that, in high-profile executive and technical positions, including C-level ones, in international technology companies. Nahum combines formidable management skills with deep technical knowledge empowering him to excel as an essential B2Broker team member. He also has a particular knack for explaining complex technical concepts to audiences from any walks of life.
Nahum’s current focus is on developing and integrating large-scale distributed liquidity provision solutions for spot crypto assets and crypto derivatives while pushing frontiers of distributed ledger technology and decentralized finance.

Majestic Drama



The project is being led by Abdoulaye Diop AKA Majestic Drama who is in his day job a platinum selling music producer but also a Crypto influencer with over 100k supporters, he is followed and supported by the likes of Shytoshi from Shib and is well educated in the cypto world.

Vadim Krekotin

Founding Partner

Cryptomeria Capital

Co-Founder at Cointelegraph China
Founding partner at Cryptomeria Capital and at Cryptomeria Labs
Deeply in the crypto market since 2017.
An independent entrepreneur, adviser, crypto investor, strong influencer in the Asian market.

Helena Margarido



Elected crypto leader LatAm by Bloomberg in 2021. Crypto specialist since 2012. Advisor at Kodo Assets.

Bryan Legend

Founder & CEO


Bryan Legend has been involved in blockchain for 8 years and is seen as an influential person within the cryptocurrency space. He has founded numerous businesses and his focus has always been building a trusted brand image in all his companies. He has been named as a tech leader for 2021 with the likes of Elon Musk and Avi Benezra. Bryan Legend is a successful entrepreneur[ and is currently the Founder & CEO of Safuu Protocol – a DeFi Protocol which utilizes blockchain technology through the automatic distribution of set interest payments using cryptocurrency.

Dr. Sammy Arogundade


CratD2C Blockchain Protocol

Dr. Sammy Arogundade, DBA, MBA, FIMC, CMC
He is a finance executive with over 25 years of experience specializing in Forex pairs, options, commodity trading, and blockchain cryptography algorithms. In addition, he is a well-known and respected blockchain savvy who has spread his tentacles of experience in Blockchain Smart-Contract ideology for many years.
His idea for a decentralized ecosystem has come to reality with the CratD2C Blockchain Protocol Ecosystem, where manufacturers of products can easily connect with targeted consumers by discharging the bureaucracy of retailers in the realism of the Direct-2-Consumer Economy using the Blockchain Smart Contract Mechanism. As a result, the new concept of the D2C Economy is now cutting across regions worldwide.
He’s the brain behind the CratD2C Blockchain Protocol Project with a native token called “CRAT”, a utility reflect token in the marketplace; the ecosystem is the CratD2C Blockchain Protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain.
Also Creator & Owner of Blockchain Gamefi Protocol (Play2Earn) Application.

Bassam Muhammad Al Falasi

Guest of Honour

General advisor of HH Sheikh Butti Bin Suhail Al Maktoum a member of Dubai Royal Family

Pavel Aramyan

Blockchain Program Lead


Pavel Aramyan is the Blockchain Program Lead at Fasttoken. With strong experience in product management, Pavel is in charge of the interoperability of blockchain-related products and services, their cooperation and integration with centralized services, as well as the FastChain blockchain development process.

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Day - 1

5 October 2022

Day - 2

6 October 2022

10:00 am - 10:20 am

Guest of Honor

Hall 1

Bassam Muhammad Al Falasi

10:00 am - 10:20 am

Morning Preparation

Hall 2

10:00 am - 10:30 am

Topic 5: How can DeFi make it to main stream?

Hall 1

Alberto Mera, Devan Wonders, Adam Brown, Mkay, Boban

10:20 am - 10:40 am

Bitica Coin

Hall 1


10:20 am - 10:35 am

The Hami Ecosystem

Hall 2

Lekhraj KR

10:30 am - 10:50 am

The new era of crypto card

Hall 1

Salvatore Castagna

10:35 am - 11:05 am

Blockchain Currency as the next evolution in cryptocurrency?

Hall 2

Alex Slocum, SAMIR MULLA, Oleh Pashchenko, Arnav Bhardwaj, Rico Pang

10:40 am - 11:10 am

Topic 5: How can DeFi make it to main stream?

Hall 1

Alberto Mera, Nitin Jagtiani, Devan Wonders

10:50 am - 11:20 am

How to include crypto in your portfolio

Hall 1

Vadim Krekotin, Henri Arslanian, Dirk Hartig, Matt Dixon, Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, Faisal Zaidi

11:05 am - 11:25 am

Game with Ciprosoft

Hall 2

Renat Khasanov

in person event

Venue: Festival Arena – Dubai Festival City, UAE

Date: 5 – 6 OCT 2022

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


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Meet Our Team